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The people rebel, they face retribution as god removes his protection, they find their way to repentance, and god rescues them and then the cycle repeats itself, again and again. We know this because of several things the scriptures reveal here in judges 4 and 5, the only places in the bible where deborah is mentioned. The song fills in some of the details missing from the account in chapter 4 such as the rainstorm that disabled siseras chariots in the mud of the kishon river. Our passage begins with a recounting of the theme of the book of judges. I will praise the lord, the god of israel, in song. The lord promises to defeat sisera, the canaanite general. The prophetessjudge, the general and the hammer woman. It was transcribed from the fifth recording in his men for the hour series, entitled deborah, the exceptional transcribed by preach the word. Lectionary reflections proper 28, 33 rd sunday in ordinary time november 14, 2011 judges 4. It is an action book that probably appeals more to men than it does to women. Do it like deborah an ordination sermon on judges 4. Barak hears the call of deborah and responds in a peculiar way. But sadly, it looks like barak prefers to hide behind deborahs skirt.

Deborah was a leader pastors are leaders, but that does not mean that deborah was a pastor. Deborah does not falter, but points him back to god as she confronts him with is lack of faith. Scripture is largely silent on whether this action is an outright act of disobedience or simply an act of a man who wants a tangible symbol of the presence of the lord with. Dakota community church september 28, 2014 deborah in the book of judges you will recall there is a repeated cycle throughout the entire book. The israelites began to intermarry with the canaanites which soon led to their. Barak won, sisera was killed by a woman, and the israelites were freed from their enemies. The working preacher team believes that god uses good biblical preaching to change lives.

A sermon preachd at the cathedral church of rochester, on the seventh of september, 1704. Week 2 of women of faith and we look at and learn from deborah in judges 45. I was enthralled by the stories nearly fifty years agoand i still am. It seems she led alongside barak and that their ministry was one of military defense and deliverance. The lyrics encourage the actions of deborah and barak, saying, wake up, wake up, deborah. Jun 30, 20 this is the next sermon in the series called herstory. After the death of ehud the eightyyear period of rest came to an end, and the israelites once more sinned against god. Women possess a unique opportunity to encourage men to step up and stand up. The lord, the god of israel, commands you judges 4. Deborah calls him to take the 0 men of zebulun and naphtali and to go to mt. Now, she does give gods judgment on baraks weakness.

Oct 23, 2015 it was only then that barak reluctantly called out the tribes to come fight. All great stories in the old testament point to the greatest story in the bible and that is the story of jesus. General barak was unwilling to call the israelites to battle against their canaanite foes without deborah holding his hand, as it were 4. Deborah rejoices that the commanders, not herself, finally offered themselves to be used of the lord judges 5. She is the only one acting in this legal capacity in judges. In the previous chapter we see how god used deborah, barak, and jael to show his glory. There barak summoned zebulun and naphtali, and ten thousand men went up under his command. The story moves well at the start, then slow drifts off giving you no hook to keep you wanting to read on, especially if you have read the story of deborah in the bible.

While deborah is named as the composer of the song, it was written as a duet for both deborah and barak to sing together. Barak and deborah sermon by david welch, hebrews 11. Deborah the prophet, deborah the woman of flame, deborah the mother of israel, sent and summoned barak, whose name means lightning, from his home in kedesh. And she said to him, the lord, the god of israel, commands you, gather ten thousand fighters. Deborah was a prophetess, the wife of lappidotha prophetess and israels leaderjudge judges 4. Judges 5 the song of deborah on that day bible gateway. Yet another amazing example of an exceptional woman who followed god well. The sermon for this morning is jesus walks on water.

Barak whom deborah went to see to tell him that they need to go deal with this issue. What deborah does and doesnt say about women in the. Audio books bible trivia pastors blogs sermons sunday school lessons. Deborah and jael today were turning our attention to the book of judges as we continue to explore the stories of some of the women of the bible. Two dollars for a soda thats incredible the man said. Archive page for the sermon titled, deborah and barak, from brentwood baptist church on march 19, 2017. A man pulled into a gas station, walked over to a soda machine, and stared at the sign, which read. Nevertheless, a true man of god is not dependent upon any man. And he jesus has said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.

The name deborah means bee, in the sense of its orderly motion. The commander of his army was sisera, who lived in haroshethhagoyim. Deborah, the encourager of manhood preaching today. Aug 21, 2009 barak was looking to deborah for strength instead of god. When she ordered barak, her secretary of defense, to amass an army, deborah made it clear who reigned as commander in chief. Barak is considered by many commentators to be a noble warrior.

Barak, deborah, and jael a new leader and two brave women. Jul 24, 2017 week 2 of women of faith and we look at and learn from deborah in judges 45. Judges 5, 12 the full story of deborah, a prophetess of the god of the. So the lord sold them into the hand of jabin king of canaan, who reigned in hazor. This audio sermon and transcript is entitled deborah, the exceptional, and is from the. Even when barak is afraid to obey, deborah does not belittle or replace him. Mickey anders the last political election was especially significant for women because hillary clinton. This narrative account of the struggle between israels army, mustered by deborah, and lead by barak. Deborah and barak the glorious instruments of israels.

Barak seems to be another possible contender for the role when his name is mentioned in 4. The song of deborah on that day deborah and barak son of abinoam sang this song. Dakota community church september 28, 2014 deborah in the book of judges you will. This morning, by gods grace, we come to sermon number six in our study of judges. Once barak arrived, notice the specifics of deborahs message for him. Jabin, king of hazor, leader of an alliance of canaanite citystates. Deborah provides a picture of leadership that wasnt normally seen in the society. In hebrew the same word is used for woman and wife, so we dont know for certain if deborah was a woman of lappidoth a place or wife of lappidoth a person 4. God can use people even when their faith is less than perfect, but we lose out on blessings when we doubt his promises. Sisera hears of the movement of deborah and baraks. In fact deborah summons barak and speaks gods word to him before.

Gods superheros deborah and barak faith for action judges 4. In judges 5 deborah and barak sing a song that honors god. For boys at least no book in the bible is more exciting than this one. Since barak is asking deborah to go with him, deborah says the glory of the victory will now not be his, and in fact god would not deliver sisera into his hand, but into the hand of the woman, verse 9. Deborah agreed, but because of barak s lack of faith in god, she told him credit for the victory would not go to him, but to a woman. In deborah s story, the author does a nice job of giving you a back story for deborah. On the radio you who listen are sharing with us the services of the first baptist church in dallas. Oct 24, 2018 even when barak is afraid to obey, deborah does not belittle or replace him. Deborah and barak lord, when you went out from seir, when you marched from the region of edom, the earth trembled and the heavens dropped, yes, the clouds dropped water. The book of hebrews lists barak as being a man of faith, but even barak was unwilling to go into battle without her. She did not preach a sermon, discipline a member or determine a doctrine. Jan 29, 2016 deborah, the judge of israel, summoned barak to lead the israelite army against the army of jabin. See more ideas about bible, bible pictures and bible heroes. Free access to sermons on deborah, church sermons, illustrations on.

Barak, general of the valiant but poorly equipped israelite militia. Unlike takecharge jezebel, who sought no ones counsel, levelheaded deborah obeyed the lord and insisted his willnot hersbe done. So join us each week throughout the summer as we look at a different influential. But in this era, we find that even the valor of brave men is gone. This is part 5 of a bible study series through the book of judges. But in the book of judges they disobey him again and again, growing from.

Judges 4 commentary commentary critical and explanatory. He said, in my books, women often solve the problem. Sisera hears of the movement of deborah and barak s. Rachel frey to write a hymn for this sermon series, and shes done a wonderful job. The time of the judges was a very wicked period in israels history. The children of israel again did evil in the sight of the lord, when ehud was deadthe removal of the zealous judge ehud again left his infatuated countrymen without the restraint of religion 2, 3. Gods superhero s deborah and barak faith for action judges 4. As unlikely a hero as barak was, deborahs involvement is even more surprising. Though she was a professional prophet, she spent her days judging israel. Barak hesitated, saying he would go only if deborah went with him. But because of the course you are taking, the honor will not be yours, for the lord will deliver sisera into the hands of a woman.

In a very real sense, deborah the leader of the nation during those dark days. As judge, deborah was a highly respected figure in the community, and people sought her out. This is the pastor bringing the early morning message entitled by faith deborah. Yet deborah didnt abandon barak for his lack of faith. Judges chapter 5 then records the song of deborah and barak, written to rejoice in gods victory over the canaanites. Though deborah is described as judge, she seems to be functioning more in the legal world than the military one, and she is the first and only female judge in the book. The prophetessjudge, the general and the hammer woman part 1, a bible story about deborah as told by sophia prinsloo on awardwinning children\s chapel site, featuring bible stories from a variety of authors, excellent christian resources for children, and over 140 links to other christian and familyfriendly sites for kids. Gods superheros deborah and barak faith for action. Wall, it aint really two dollars, said the attendant. With these in mind, we must ask ourselves and learn the lessons from the life of barak. Barak and his 10,000 men charged down the mountain to meet siseras powerful army. When ehud was dead, the children of israel again did evil in the sight of the lord. Watch video, listen to audio, subscribe to the podcast and more.

But before we look at the life of deborah, youve probably seen church bulletin announcements that didnt receive a proper proofread. As a sister in christ, a young woman must also respectfully challenge men to put god first when they seek her approval for an action rather than relying on gods word. With gods help and power, barak, together with deborah, was able to subdue the canaanite army. But this is a new day, and the time is growing short. Gods superheros deborah and barak faith for action judges.

God promises a great victory, if they will simply trust him. All we can say for sure was that deborah was some kind of leader in israel. Deborah to call barak, and barak to lead israels armies. Deborah, speaking for god, gives him a noble task, a gallant charge. This sermon is about god using an unlikely character to accomplish something big. This is the woman who deborah had prophesied that the lord would use to kill sisera because barak was fearful. The book of judges chronicles the 339 years between the death of joshua and israels first king, saul. Apr 24, 2015 deborah was a woman who knew what it was to forsake all things for the sake of having christ.

And barak called out zebulun and naphtali to kedesh. Deborah and barak 1 and the people of israel again did what was evil in the sight of the lord after ehud died. Sisera, general of king jabins canaanite army, including its fearsome. Jul 26, 20 when barak looked inside her tent, there lay sisera dead. The victory over sisera results in barak and deborah launching into song. So, god delivered sisera and the canaanites into the hands of barak and the israelite army vv. And 10,000 men went up at his heels, and deborah went up with him. This book represents the story of israel between the time in which the israelites moved into the promised land after the death of moses, and the time when israel began to be. Today is the day that jehovah will give you victory.

This sermon deals with the history of the passage and makes application to women in leadership in the church which often happens because men fail in their responsibility to exercise their godordained headship. But sadly, it looks like barak prefers to hide behind deborah s skirt. When the princes in israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves praise the lord. God had commanded barak to take 10,00 men from the tribes of naphtali. The judges 4 account depicts deborah as the leader who sent for barak and gave explicit instructions to be carried out immediately. And you can easily follow the message if you turn to the book of judges, chapters 4 and 5. Judges chapter 4 explained discover the 66 books of the bible. Even when barak is afraid to obey, deborah does not belittle or.

And sure enough, the bait is too tempting for sisera. The narrative comes from the fourth chapter of the book of judges. Ongoing teaching through the book of judges by pastor paul leboutillier of calvary chapel ontario oregon. Deborah and barak judges sunday service faith bible church. Then in deborahs and baraks song, they extol god for helping the leaders take the lead judges 5. Consequently, when the lord kept his promise to save his people, a woman, rather than the soldiers of israel, would receive the credit for the victory vv.

For the most part, the book of judges reflects a negative picture of. If barak had gone, deborah prophesied in verse 7 that god would give sisera into his hand. This audio sermon and transcript is entitled deborah, the exceptional, and is from the ministry of david legge, a christian preacher and bible teacher from belfast, northern ireland. Deborah consented to go with him, but she told barak that in the victory to come, he would not receive the glory v. Deborah and barak the glorious instruments of israels deliverance. She sat outside the town under the palm of deborah, thereby. A man pulled into a gas station, walked over to a soda machine, and stared at the sign, which read, soda. Today were looking at deborah, the encourager of manhood. Go, take with you ten thousand men of napthali and zebulun and lead the way to mount tabor. Deborah, a judge and prophetess who rallied the israelites against king jabin of hazor. Now im the one serving in a methodist church, and im the one trying to get. These seven verses are an introduction to the larger story of deborah, barak, and sisera, and to the larger themes in the book of judges. The mountains quaked before the lord, even sinai before the lord, the god of israel 5.

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