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According to the national trauma data bank, the liver, after the spleen, is the first most injured organ in closed abdominal trauma. An observational, descriptive and retrospective study was performed on patients with hepatic trauma admitted to our department from january 2006 to march 2010. Manejo conservador del trauma abdominal criterio clasico. Assim, o tratamento do trauma esplenico deve ser, em ultima instancia, multidisciplinar e com base na fisiologia do paciente, na anatomia da lesao e nas lesoes associadas. Traumatismo hepatico revistas electronicas uach universidad. O objetivo dessa revisao e analisar o trauma abdominal fechado e sua repercussao na vitima. Atualmente, a classificacao leva em conta a anatomia da lesao. However, the aast does not hold the to this material.

The aast american association for the surgery of trauma liver injury scale, most recently revised in 2018, is the most widely used liver injury grading system 3 the 2018 update incorporates vascular injury i. Traumas cause more death in people between 1 and 37 years old than any other disease. New study shows brain change after psychological trauma research on important findings in earthquake survivors with and without ptsd. Introduction the ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. New study shows brain change after psychological trauma. The renal trauma can be life threatening in the short. Thus the management of liver trauma is ultimately based on the anatomy of the injury and the physiology of the patient. In determining the optimal treatment strategy, however, the haemodynamic status and associated injuries should be considered. Trauma hepatico contuso y lesiones asociadas an med asoc med hosp abc 2002. Of the patients admitted in trauma centers, 5% have liver injuries. Trauma hepatico contuso y lesiones asociadas medigraphic. Pdf this document is an explanatory summary of the mechanisms involved in the kinematics of trauma and the resulting injuries. From june 2010 to december 2015 we observed in our department of hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplant unit of the. Wses classification and guidelines for liver trauma world.

Perihepatic packing and suturing were the most common procedures performed. Posttraumatic stress disorder ptsd is a type of anxiety disorder which you may develop after being involved in, or witnessing, traumatic events. The aasts list of organ injury scaling tables originated in a set of papers that published in the journal of trauma. Injury scoring scales the american association for the. Dec 23, 2016 manejo del trauma hepatico trauma hepatico manejo medico no operatorio manejo operatorio 36. Notes on the arrest of hepatic hemorrhage due to trauma. This report has been prepared in response to the decision by the executive board at its 144th.

Wses classification and guidelines for liver trauma. Espectrodehallazgosportcmultidetectorenel trauma esplenico y. But its not only diagnosed in soldiers a wide range of traumatic experiences. Liver damage occurs in 20% of closed abdominal traumas but damage of the liver alone without involving other organs occurs only in 10%. Aast liver injury scale radiology reference article. Hepatico yuranis daz lopera medico en formacin vii sem. The primary website of the national child traumatic stress network nctsn, offers information on various aspects of child traumatic stress, including trauma types, treatments and practices, and trauma informed care. Trauma hepatico anatomia vscera ms grande del organismo 1500 g l. Oct 10, 2016 the severity of liver injuries has been universally classified according to the american association for the surgery of trauma aast grading scale. Manuseio do trauma hepatico manuseio nao operatorio 8090% casos 82100% sucesso criterios.

Of injuries in general, renal trauma represent about 1% 5% of cases, and the kidney is the genitourinary and abdominal organ injured more often. The anatomic location and the size of the liver make the organ. Assim, o tratamento do trauma hepatico tem por base, a anatomia da lesao e o estado. In abdominal trauma, the liver is the organ most frequently aff ected because of its location and size. Certain violations of the social compact are too terrible to utter aloud. Pdf hepatic trauma occurs in approximately 5% of all admissions in emergency rooms. Management of complications of first instance of hepatic. Manejo del trauma hepatico mas empaquetamiento con. During the study period 117 patients presented with blunt liver trauma. The condition was first recognised in war veterans and has been known by a variety of names, such as shell shock. A retrospective, observational and crosssectional study was conducted over a period of 5. Injury scoring scale a resource for trauma care professionals. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site.

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